The Wedding Consultation

14 Jan


Congratulations….You’re Engaged!!!  This is supposed to be one of the happiest times in your life. Enjoy it!  Your Wedding Consultation is probably the BEST discussion you’ll have 6-8 months prior to your wedding date.  After this 1-2 hour meeting, you will leave our bridal studio Relaxed, Confident, & Stress-free!  The Design House professional staff has years and years of Floral & Decor Design experience, along with wedding coordination,  and more importantly, We have solid relationships with outside wedding vendors that bring your DREAM DAY to life!

Design House of Flowers Weddings and Events, personally invest their time, and creative design skills in YOU.  Also, our unique bridal studio offers our Brides a one-stop shop of vendor information at your finger tips.  Venue Choices, Caterers, Bakers, Photographers, Videographers, Hair & Make up, Lists of Musicians and DJ’s, Limo Services, and the services could on and on. We have an extensive network with a preferred vendors list.

We schedule appointments for days, evenings, and weekends. By Appointment Only-Give us a Call at 770-904-4488 –  feel free to come visit our beautiful new Flower Shop at 3200 Woodward Crossing Blvd., Suite B106, Buford, GA 30519.

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There is a lot for you to remember – so we put together a handy list of suggestions for you below.

We can’t wait to start planning your wedding!

Our TOP TEN Wedding Consultation Suggestions:

1). We’d Love to spend lots and lots of time to answer all of your questions on the phone, but sometimes it’s difficult while we’re busy designing customer floral arrangements and attending to our customers at the floral shop. Planning floral and wedding decor requires does time and effort which is why we set up a personal and stress-free meeting with you and your family. Focusing on you and your wedding/reception during this meeting is our priority.  A professional consultant prepares your bridal proposal after this initial meeting, and then we discuss all the details regarding your proposal.

2). Consultations may be challenging for us during a popular flower holiday week. If possible, we’d like to meet with you during a non-holiday week.

3). Speaking of holidays – you may have always wanted a Christmas time wedding – Although this may seem ideal, you may want to re-consider. Florists are already busy with “holiday” commitments or parties. Please keep in mind that scheduling your wedding during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.. will reflect higher flower costs.  These are merely “date-related” suggestions, but, we like for you to understand this.

4).  Please have a general idea of how much you want to spend. Cutting corners can be done, while you can have a modest wedding that is still pretty, listen carefully to your florists suggestions. Wedding photos will tell the story after you’ve cut corners and sadly you may regret it years later. Flexibility is the key – the more you allow your florist to work within “seasonal” choices, the more likely you can save money. Always be upfront with your floral designer about price concerns – running around comparing prices to others never guarantees you the best quality.  We work hard to accommodate your budget.

5). Bring in pictures, magazines, internet links – any visual aides is a fabulous start to sharing your personal preferences with your wedding consultant.  We want you to express yourself! Give yourself and your florist ample room to be creative in this meeting.  The more ideas you may have – – the better!

6).  There is a tendency to be a little nervous at first and we encourage you to bring a friend, or Mom.  Try not to bring too many people with you.  Also, we recommend you do not bring your child with you to this meeting. He/She will be bored and we need to focus on your wedding.  Any distractions that you could have during this meeting will not be productive to the planning process. Naturally, we understand if this isn’t possible.

7).  Please call us to cancel your appointment. We understand things come up and we will re-schedule.

8).  The more you know about your wedding party, how many guests, the time of day, theme, favorite flowers, etc.  –  the better it is for everyone!  We will discuss flower choices, colors, seasonal floral availability, outdoor details, reception ideas, and more.  Material Swatches are excellent to bring along – bridesmaid dress swatches for example – But, please bring in a large swatch for us to see!

9).  Try to keep corsage flowers for moms or grandmothers simple.  These flowers should be similar or the same.

10).  Come prepared and excited!  We want you to RELAX and enjoy this meeting.  This wedding consultation is extremely important to bringing all the pieces together for this joyous event. It’s our pleasure and our job to plan, AND to handle ALL the details. Flowers and Weddings are our Specialty!  We can’t wait to meet with you!

Thank you!

Design House of Flowers, Weddings & Events

We are proud of our achievements!


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