Choosing Your Wedding Venue

11 Jan

Booking a wedding ceremony & reception venues sounds like it would be a straightforward, easy task. But there are many considerations when comparing wedding reception sites. The bride and groom, and their families if applicable, should begin by determining the wedding date or the possible dates, the budget for the wedding, and the approximate number of invited guests. Doing so will eliminate from consideration the wedding reception sites that are too expensive, too small, or unavailable for the wedding date.

A Few Ideas:

Church – If you’d like to have the traditional style wedding or a non-denominational wedding, wedding chapels and churches are an obvious venue to consider. Since church weddings are always in demand, you’ll be better served to reserve your date in advance. Some churches require couples counseling before marriage, so check with the pastor or priest for any special requirements.

Home – Getting married at a home is a very lovely option. This type of ceremony is very intimate and if the reception is held at the same location, you can cut some costs by not having to rent a reception hall or for a church ceremony.

Hotels – Hosting your wedding at a hotel can be a nice choice. Like getting married at home, the ceremony and reception is held in one place. Unlike having your wedding at home, the details like chairs, tablecloths, the dance floor, and the catering are part of what you pay to host there. If you’re serving alcoholic beverages, your guests also have the convenience of renting a room at the hotel so no one has to drive while impaired.

Please contact if you are interested in some of our favorite venues!

770-277-0607 or

550 Trackside,Legacy Lodge, Lake Lanier Islands, Hamilton Mill Country Club, Berkeley Hill Country Club, Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, Vecoma At The Yellow River, Atlanta Gwinnett Place, Ravinia Hotel,  Sugarloaf Country Club, The 1818 Club, The Georgia Club, Reunion Golf Club, Chateau Elan, Braselton Stover House, The River Club, Northwood Country Club, Bradford House, Bona Allen Mansion and Mall of Georgia Conference Center.

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