2009 Wedding Color Trends

21 Mar

Every year there are a few colors my brides seem to gravitate towards. Whether they are using them as accents or major themes these colors lend personality to the wedding day.

CORNFLOWER BLUE / LIGHT BLUE- This color blue is so pretty for a spring/early summer wedding. It brings to mind bright skies with puffy white clouds.
Flowers to use in Cornflower Blue/Light Blue: belladonna, hybrid delphinium, tweedia, cornflower, thistle, pincushion flower, iris, monkshood and hydrangea.

CLOVER GREENThe color of spring grass. Fresh, young and happy clover green is the perfect color to add to your wedding theme.
Flowers to use in Clover Green: Cymbidium and dendrobium orchids, spider mums, button poms, Super Green roses, hellebore, hydrangea, carnations, gladiola, Green Goddess callas, amaranthus and kale.

APPLE RED- Apple red is a slightly pinkish hues of a true red. The color of a rosy apple it compliments many people’s coloring. It is a wonderful color to use any season of the year.
Flowers to use in Apple Red: Red Intuition roses, mokara and aranda orchids, ranunculas, peonies, antique hydrangeas and amaranthus.

ORANGE- Orange has been popular for the last couple of years. I think it is because there is no other color with the power to “punch” up a wedding palette quite like orange. Orange is seasonally versatile as well. In the spring pair orange with blue and purple. In the summer go for a citrus feel and pair orange with lemon yellow and lime green. In the fall orange fits right in with the fall tones of red, gold, brown and yellow. In the winter a fresh and modern take on orange is to pair it with white and platinum.
Flowers to use in Orange: Orange Unique and Tropicana roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, alstromeria, dahlia, coxcomb, lilies, aranda and mokara orchids, Mango callas and freesia.

CHOCOLATE BROWN- Chocolate brown has been Huge for the past few years. Bridesmaid’s dresses, a sash on the Bride’s dress, table linens, invitations and the flowers have all been graced with Chocolate Brown’s warm hue.
Flowers to use in Chocolate Brown: Chocolate cosmos, fern frond/monkey tail, dahlia and sunflowers.

PURPLE- If it is good enough for Prince it is good enough for me! There are few colors more rich and sexy than purple. It evokes romance, royalty and mystery.
Flowers to use in Purple: Moongene carnations, lisianthus, dahlias, Vanda orchids, callas, gladiolas, hyacinth, freesia, iris, larkspur, asters and trachelium.

RASPBERRY- Raspberry is pink’s sexy cousin. Modern and flirty raspberry is an updated take on pink. It is fabulous used in by itself or mixed with a riot of bright colors.
Flowers to use in Raspberry: Ravel roses, peonies, gerbera daisies, carnations, dahlias, hydrangea, lilies, tulips, freesia and callas.

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